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I logged in to OptumRx to order a refill of my medication last week, and all my information was gone. I had to sign up for home delivery like it was the first time.

Fast forward through 5 phone calls to Briova and hours spent on hold, and my medication did not arrive today when they promised. I took my last dose today, and I will miss a dose tomorrow. Two hours ago, I was promised someone would expedite my order, make sure it arrived tomorrow, and call me to confirm.

Since no one had called, I called again just now and was told no order had been completely processed, that there was only a 'ghost order' in the system - incompletely processed - and that now the soonest he could get it to me is day after tomorrow.

I am HIV positive: This is literally a life and death situation, and the incompetent Briova is my only option. I don't know how I'm going to deal with this every month.

To add insult to injury, one of their reps told me I should now log in through briovarx.com - but when I try to sign up I get error messages. Meanwhile, the automated phone message when I call says I should log in through optumrx.com.

United Healthcare and Briova should be ashamed of themselves. They are playing with people's health and lives.

Product or Service Mentioned: Briovarx Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

United Healthcare Cons: Prescription policy, Being lied to.

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Agree. I have signed up multiple times, to find no account created.

They cannot get anything right and are clueless on the phone.

If cannot imagine if this was for a medication that was lifesaving. Logging over 2 hours on the phone just this week with UHC/ Briova 3 way call.


Yes they are the worst. And I’m sure they could care less. They are greedy and unethical


Briova specialty pharmacy is a disaster. Thru UHC I obtained Haylgan for my knees.

It really did little for relief. We had to pay with Credit card for full amount up front. Now almost year later they want more money. Even stating a veiled threat regarding my use of Hydrocodone hinting they would report me to my state's controlled substance board if I didn't pay.

I even sent a copy from UHC stating I cannot be charged more thru my plan. Disputable practices.


They are a complete nightmare and bunch of lairs, 12 months I've been forced to use them for specialty medication under UHC coverage and they have completely screwed up my treatment. I contact my HR benefits department and BriovaRx is blaming their inefficient service on a patient.

Why do our employees work with such companies that have been so negligent?

It is a very sad situation. I'm just trying to fill a prescription, that is it.


Brovia UHC are just greedy. They should go out of business before more people are hurt.


This company makes ComCast and the worst companies for customer service in the world look great.


We have been trying to get one prescription filled with Briova for over 2 months. Just a bunch of lip service.

After going around in a circle & doing everything they said we had to do to get the prescription approved and processed, it still wouldn't process. We'd call back and it was like we had to start all over again.

Can't believe insurance companies actually use this "Specialty" Pharmacy. What a joke.

@Fed Up

It stands to reason that United Heathcare would use a company such as Briova. Think about it.

United Healthcare is compensated either fully by your employer, you (yourself), or a combination of both. They exist to provide low cost healthcare. This ensures their executives and employees get big bonuses and raises, while they assure your employer they are doing everything they can do to keep costs down. Failing to fill a prescription or even delaying the process ensures equals cost avoidance.

You still pay the same every month for healthcare. Your employer still pays the same every month, but United Healthcare pays less if a prescription does not get filled. Pure profit at the patient's expense.

Multiply that by millions of patients and 12 months each year and you are talking BIG MONEY!!! Millions!!!


My work switched from BCBS to United health care and so my specialty pharmacy changed as well to Briova. I have been giving myself injections for about 8 years for RA.

Never missing a dose, until I've had to start dealing with Briova. I have completely missed 3 shots and been late getting them twice. They don't care if you get your meds. Some of the people I've talked with are very rude also.

They are horrid. I even asked my Dr if I could stop taking this med just so I don't have to deal with Briova.


Way to go State of Texas!!!! You choice to Change Drug companies To Optum and Briova what an outrage!!!! The entire experience trying to get my lifesaving prescriptions is reprehensible.


I experienced the same thing. I have been undetectable for 9yrs.

They failed to ship my order twice , leaving me without meds for nearly 2 weeks. United will not pay to have my blood work done again, as I'm concerned that this 2 week gap in medication will have changed my undetectable status. Before choosing United (at over $900/month) through the marketplace, I called and they told me my specialty med would be filled in 90-day supply increments, when in fact they will only send one 30 day supply at a time. How is this legal ???

Total *** of the earth. They should be shut down.

Hoping this month I actually receive my medication. Horrifying.


Well my sister in law has united, but goes thru Pill pack. They won't even give her a months supply.

Just two weeks at a time, and then she has to call Pill pack every single time.

Her she is now, a week late on her injections, and she takes them for RA and for Crohns. Not a good combo, and these stupid drug company's are messing with people and their health!

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