My company switched to them it's been a nightmare. I've had four new insurance cards in one month and they keep dropping our coverage.

It's taken two months and I just got a response that my request for reimbursement was declined and I have to start the whole process over. This company is a *** nightmare to deal with. It's going to be easier to find a new job then deal with these smucks. I hate dealing with them.

They deny or delay everything.

I hate that we switched to them and am now searching for a new job so I can get away from them. Only requirement for the new job is that they dont have uhc as an insurance company.

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Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #605070

If you understood insurance you would know that your employer is the one who selects and customizes the employee's insurance package. Uhc are paid to administrate the benefits and deal with all the pissed off employee's problems with their *** benefits.

And its not like hcr has helped anything.

best advice , do your own homework, don’t rely on a dumb service rep with uhc to figure out every thing for you and hold your hand for every medical decision made by the millions of employee's covered under uhc, by the way the medical plans offered to uhc employee’s starts out at a $1,300 deductible and goes up from there depending on how much you can afford to have taken from your paycheck every 2 weeks, but were else are you going to get a full time job that pays more than minimum wage? **SO CHEERS TO THE REAL WORLD YOU HAVE TO LET GO OF THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF HMO /PPO :grin


I hope each and every employee of UHC is also covered by them.

If UHC wishes to cut costs, install automated response computers. Not only would it be more efficient, all those untrained 'reps' could discover the real world. It isn't like the reps know what they are doing. Put them in front of a computer, give them a phone, don't train them (why spend any money for something as silly as training) and what do you have....

A UHC representative.... :roll

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