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I had a real bad fall on December 2012, a bad broken leg of two mayor bones. After 2 operations , the tibia it has not heal. Dr. Prescribed a bone healer, it will help reproduce bone to help it heal. United healthcare has prolonged, lied, put me on back burner, don't care that if bone doesnt heal soon, my next step will be another surgery, a more invasive surgery that can put my health at risk. I'm so disappointed, and scared!!!! My depression is getting worse.... What can I do???? It will be a year this December 2

since the accident.... Horrific company!!!!! Denied it 3 times, and they wanted me to appeal again!!! For what? So that the person sitting at the denial department can make their quota!!!!! PLEASEEEE help!!!!!!!

Gladys Decaso

Product or Service Mentioned: United Healthcare Health Insurance.

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Previous employee for 10 years. My job was sent overseas.

They get away with people knowing because they have th as United employees. Everything is about profit.

Saw in 10 years the changes made solely about profit. And that the are!

Medford, Massachusetts, United States #817619

What a horrible company! It does not care about the customers at all.

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