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Anthem Blue Cross Freedom Blue Plan 1 (Regional PPO) was discontinued, forcing some 70,000 policy holders to seek other advantage plans, Humana or UnitedHealth, neither of which have very high ratings. Also the BC premium was $0 while the two above start at $40 per month for Humana and $80 per month for UnitedHealth.

My claim of discrimination is the result of the fact that if I lived in L.A. my premium for the same two plans would be $0 just as it was before. This is totally unfair and reflects the fact that we, in Northern California, are being forced to pay for patient services for people 600 miles away, many of whom are illegal aliens. I have written to Medicare and they are unresponsive.

I have written to my Senator and she apparently couldn't care less. I'd write to the president but he's busy right now and if history is any teacher, couldn't do anything about it anyway. Congress gets FREE, top-of-the-line healthcare so it's unlikely it will be an issue with them. I am at a loss.

I mad as *** and getting more so as the frustration mounts.

Perhaps if enough people took up this matter we could convince Medicare of their error. I can only hope.

Monetary Loss: $6300.

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I agree with you. If you live in an area with a higher populations of immigrants , the copays are lower or nonexistent.No one wants to believe it but that really is how it pans out.

Regarding dental care, it's almost better to travel for care. I have heard seniors being quoted 40,000 by some dental implant have to decide if really want teeth or if you want to afford food and shelter.


Why our "healthcare" ignores dental care is simply crazy & "Dental Insurance" is a scam. $80/month premiums w/ an annual cap of $1000 of benefits, none start for 6 months, anything more than cleanings, then you have to wait a year, so by the time you've paid $80/month for a year, then have to sign p for another year, you've just paid $1920 for $1000 of "care" & a cleaning & X-rays! (You can pay cash on a coupon & get a cleaning & full panoramic x-rays for $99), so the 1st year, you're over-paying $861. If you read most dental insurance plans here in CA in detail, you may be better with a discount plan, although you have to be able to afford to pay the percentage out of pocket on the spot, yet f you can, these seem, at least on paper, to be a better option. Be sure you get a plan that is not only regulated, and many are by the state, and be sure to look up reviews online, be SURE there is a descent dentist online that is local to you, and be sure to look at reviews not only of care standards, but billing practices as well. I've seen some horror stories, both from care standards, sanitation & billing practices..

The truth seems to be that care standards and sanitation are scary, and billing practices are guerrilla billing practices in many cases from both dentists that accept insurance and those that accept discount plans, unless you are prepared to pay for the services cash or credit, and for most people that are on a limited income, or low to average, or even slightly above average income, will at least squeeze a budget, or simply be untouchable.

You might consider temporary filling kits & re-fill your tooth yourself. Many are having to do this as a permanent solution, along with antibiotics if needed, some have to resort to getting these from veterinarian supply companies or a local rancher, until we have changes in legislation.

I have known people that had their teeth "over-drilled", then seen another dentist a year later, only to be told this was done to ensure they'd need further dental care, as well as having improperly mixed amalgam that crumbled & had to be replaced within a year or two, when it should last far longer.

A retiring dentist told me these tactics were being done deliberately and that he wouldn't see most dentist himself, and would do his own family's dental care.

Until we have comprehensive care, yo might as well be seeing a "street dentist" in a 3rd world country or go out of the country to have dental work done, yet you are taking your chances. Many dentists are available on "dental holidays" in other countries. I know several people that have gone out of the country to have work done, and many with great results, others with not-so-good results, although there was one who went on a "dental holiday", and was told if he came back, the dentist there wold fix it free of charge. It cost him another trip, but the dentist did fix his tooth & free of charge, as he'd lost an implant, even though the dentist had to do some jaw work as well (surgery that was quite involved.)

Then there are simply horror stories from other countries we hear about on the news, yet I've seen worse right here in the US, and many dentists out of the country get an education right here in the US at our universities, then set up shop in their home countries and do a great job.

A trip & the dental work a friend had done, I believe in Europe , was the best he had done, and the two trips and charge for dental care cost him less than the dental work wold have cost him to have it done here in the states.

There are "community dental centers", yet if you're not from south of the boarder, you'll be passed over, have appointments delayed, and your dentist will never know that you've been delayed, as long as 8-10 weeks for an infected toot that needs pulling. In a 3rd world country, you can wait in line, have it pulled and get antibiotics the same day for a few dollars, often, through a translator, you are simply asked how much yo can pay.


That is why u need fed involvement


That is why u need fed involvement

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