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My wife was denied service for the IMRT radiationt reatment for colon cancer. Please see video from the link.


After 2 peer to peer reviews with their medical director, 2 appeals, still no. In fact, before the 2nd appeal was filed, I was at the hospital, having them do the calling. A UHC person I had previously talked to 24 hours ago, who had urged me to file another appeal so they can work on it quickly, now told the hospital admin lady "unless you can prove to us that 3D conformal treatment will kill her, we will not approve this..." Just think about that statement folks. It's pretty pathetic what length they go through to deny a service, that according to the hospital other insurance companies usually approve. Do not make the same mistake that I've made. Change your insurance company when you have a chance. Especially you, federal employees. And if you are stuck with them, fight, fight and fight. I know what I am going to do. What are they gonna do? Kill me and my wife both?

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I understand your aggravation w/MDIPA.My situation is not as serious as yours however, my 2 yr old son knocked his two front teeth out (accidental injury) on a flower pot.

Because he is only 2, he needs those teeth for speech development and to keep his other teeth straight until he loses them for his adult teeth. As I understood it, IPA is to cover dental for accidental injuries but, I guess they don't have to abide by our contract because they don't think it's necessary. So, I'm wondering if they will cover his speech therapy when he can't speak correctly or cover his excessive dental treatments when his teeth come in crooked. No, they're not going to be there when he needs speech therapy or further dental work because MD IPA has decided to drop coverage for my area.

*** people off and run like *** should be their motto. I will NEVER!, repeat NEVER! do business with United Healthcare again.

I want to know where they find their so-called "experts".Probably in the alley living in cardboard boxes.

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