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When I attempted to log in the site required me to create a new logon account. Given no other choice, I followed the instructions carefully and when finished I could no longer log in with the new or old account credentials.

It is my understanding the reason I had to create a new account was to allow 2 factor authentication. This is a good thing and I welcomed it. All the same if I can no longer log in then what good is it. Okay, enough about 2FA.

I called customer service as instructed by the error page. The error presented said there was an internal error which I quickly read the exact message to the representative. She asked me to clear all of my browser history which I knew was not going to help since I have tried several different browsers and different computers. To her credit, she agreed.

She then asked me to go to the myuhc site and click on create account. I didn't argue and did as instructed. I followed all the steps and eventually arrived at the very same error page. She then put me on hold for a few minutes.

When she resumed the call, she said her people told her it was a know issue and to have me try again later. Okay, that was that. Three days later and many attempts to log in, I called again. I was put through all the same steps and told the exact same thing.

I tried to explain waiting was not fixing it. After all, it's been three days and I still can't log in. I ask to speak to the others who are telling her that time will fix it and she said they would not take my call. I guess I'll have to just keep trying but I'm so frustrated they can't give a better explanation then "try again later." I really need the EOB to verify that a bill I received is legit.

The biller is threatening to send it to collections so I guess I'm going to pay without any proof it was submitted to UHC.

Hey, it could be worse. At least I live in a great country where we still have the freedom to complain.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Healthcare Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Same problem, same help.


I could not even get to the log-in page. I finally circumvented the problem by using an incognito window.


I'm having the same problem


I keep getting logged out when browsing for a physican or service provider, with a message that says "20 minutes of inactivity have passed". This is after I have JUST LOGGED IN.

I was told to call IT customer support. Whoopie, here we go.


Getting the same error. Called up Cust care, they are of no help. :(


YES, I'm finally able to log in to the myuhc website!!! Thanks to whoever fixed it!!! :-D


Can ANYONE with a chromebook get into this website since they changed to the new better HEALTHSAFE ID website???


I am having the same problem today Feb 19th. Tech support was NO HELP!


I was finally able to access it when I clicked on link in an email I had received from them. It made me enter my Healthsafe ID but then let me in..hope this helps


Having the same problem after being hung up on several times initially and with first rep I spoke to a 2nd rep for 1.25 hours, and a second day with 3rd rep for 20 minutes. Wonder when they are going to get this fixed?


Had a similar problem this week. They recently switched to the Health-safe ID program and wonder if it’s the problem.

Anyway, I’m able to login via their app (just not PC), but all I can see is RX claims. So maybe try that first before payIng a bill you may not owe.

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