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we own a small home health Care business providing Nursing, PT, OT, ST and Home health Aids. We pay our staff above the minimum pay for the field they are in, plus health insurance benefits, PTO, mileage reimbursement, dental insurance.

these staff get paid promptly but we don't get paid by UHC for the amount that our company has expensed to give the best service to their clients who used their insurance. If we bill them about $3,900.00 they only pay $1,900.00 that's $2,000.00 difference. so If we have 10 UHC insured patients that's an average of $20,000.00 that were not paid and we have to shoulder. This is a big BS as this services were provided and staff were paid.

I am calling all companies who have the same issue to file a class action lawsuit against this animalistic practice of this insurance. The emotional turmoil, the financial hardship that they caused to every company that are trying to provide the best service to their clients.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Healthcare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $58.

United Healthcare Pros: If i could give zero.

United Healthcare Cons: Way of payment.

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We hear you and commiserate but what you describe seems to be rather common nowadays. Your solution, of course is to not accept anyone who has UHC for insurance.

Accepting or not various insurance plans is common in the health care field for the very reason you complain. The insurance companies and/or the government, ie., medicare, medicaid now set the payments to providers, not the providers themselves. You can bill all you want, but they pay what they want and that's it.

My advice is to stop providing services, etc. to those with insurance that doesn't pay enough to meet your expenses.

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