United Healthcare Ppo Health Insurance Reviews

I have been trying for 2 hours to get a doctor as my PCP and first time I called at 10 am said the system was updating to call back in an hour.I waited 2 and each time I talked with customer service was put on hold and they never came back. The next call the girl was nice but again the system was still updating was told to call back in the evening. Am i wrong in thinking the system should be updated much later after work hours? This insurance is...
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I didn't like
  • On hold too long
  • Unwillingness to help with my plan
United health care ppo sulfolk county is terrible. There are no good doctors on this plan. The drug portion is not bad and actually it is pretty good. My complaint is that the repersentatives on yhe phone misrepresnt the product. I went over plan with them and in complete detail before I joined. They convinced me that all my current doctors were participting when there actually do not participate!. Now im stuck with this plan until next January....
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jack8613 Something you may be able to try is a gap exception...where the doc submits a preauthorization to use that doctor because there is no other qualified physician within 30 miles...