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I receive a specialty medication. I received a letter saying I would be contacted about the change and to set up my medication.

I was told I could not refill my medication. Spent two hours on the phone trying to get my medication. Is this even legal? My question is whether this is United's attempt to save money by indirectly making it difficult if not impossible to continue expensive medication.

If I have a concern I can write to the company since no one will take complaints on the phone. I have had many problems with this insurance agency.You get what you pay for. People on the phone seem to not know or understand the policys. They even had put into the system that he was on medicare and were denying his claims.

Interesting since he isn't even eligible for medicare.

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Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1334542

May 31, 2017 - UnitedHealth Care recently approved a medicine (see below doctor's prescription) for my 8 year old girl. However, I am being told from by their chosen pharmacy ( https://www.briovarx.com 855-427-4682) that the medicine below will cost $6,935 for each injection.

She needs 4 injections per year over 2 years. My 20% co-insurance portion will be $1,387, and US Healthcare will pay the rest.

PROBLEM: Are we both getting ripped off? I called my Walmart Pharmacy with the prescription below and the cost was $905.29 total cash!

I am going to ask US HealthCare if I can have my doctor call in the prescription to another pharmacy and have save us both money. But from reading these comments I think US Healthcare must have a financial interest in the BriovaRX Pharmacy.

By having me pay the $1,387, which exceeds the actual cost, they get to pay nothing!

leuprolide acetate (3 Month) 11.25 MG (PED) IM injection

Commonly known as: LUPRON DEPOT-PED

Approved by Asjad Ullah Khan, M.D. on 5/19/2017


The very worst experience. Everyone tells you something different, 4 weeks and hours on the phone with incompetent people and at the end of 4 weeks on the last phone call for my specialty drug I was told, well you have to mark it urgent.

The State of Texas switch from Caremark to Optum and Briova.

I would not wish this experience on anyone much less someone with terminal illness if left untreated. My hope is that the deciding person or committee will need their services.

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #1278765

Worst Specialty Pharmacy!!

Staff are not properly trainned. Multiple times I called for my prescription to be deliver and for whatever reason I did not get medication.

Worst part is I have call an explain what the situation is, they are unaware that I ever put an ordered. Stuff and Managers are rude and sound like They are unhappy at their job. What they don't realized is patients lifes depend on getting their medication on time.

I'm only with Briova because my insurance is contracted with them. I'd change pharmacies if I could

Yorktown Heights, New York, United States #1270559

Can't deal with this anymore. Their negligence is putting peoples lives at risk. We need to look into starting a class action law suit to address this abuse.


I have the EXACT same experience as you. I am filing a complaint.

Very incompetent people. I will write to all levels of appeals if needed.

Sachse, Texas, United States #1241923

Glad im not alone. My drs office has even tried to help me get my meds thru briova, fornally known as optum rx.

They said they have nvr dealt with such incompetent people. My drs office gas done everything they have asked at least 3 times and briova claims tgey didnt recieve it. Then when it was sent certified mail they tried to deny it but thank god i had a copy of a signature. Then they tell ne it takes up to 15 days to get approved and processed.

I wait and call back 2 wks later and they act clueless. Nothings been done. Noone knows anything. No meds.

It has now been an entire mth i gave been trying to get my meds. Morons

Flowery Branch, Georgia, United States #1230379

Briova sucks! I didn't get my Gilenya.

This is life and death meds I need!

I've about had it with this horrible horrible company! I had to get lab work done and then I would get the new prescription. I did that and even called about it.

Do I have my medication? *** no!

I see no mention of it on your website. Not a new Rx for October. I AM TOO ILL TO GO THROUGH THIS BS EVERY SINGLE MONTH TO TRY AND STAY ALIVE.

If you are trying to kill already very ill people you are doing a wonderful job.

It's like they got a bunch of rag tag homeless people and said, "Ok, order meds for the very ill. Let's see what happens."

I never been through this much *** with any other pharmacy!

Every single month. DB63 Sent from my iPhone 5

San Diego, California, United States #1225518

I had the same issues. It took a day to get my speciality medication sent to my doctors office and that was over a series of 10 different calls to Briova.

They are the most inefficient company I've ever dealt with.

I got my bill and can't pay online? It's a terrible company.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1210598

I'm also having problems with Briova. Infuriating.

Twice they delayed delivery ( on medication that needs refrigeration) and have refused to work with the fee reduction program offered by the company that makes my medication I have no confidence in them. They are messing up my schedule of injections with their delays and it is affecting my condition

to Anonymous Sachse, Texas, United States #1241921

Ditto here. They tell me fax this.

Did it. Fill this in. Did it. Transfer here.

Transfer there. 30 mins on phone for last 2 wks..

no meds still. Bunch of idiots

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