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United Healthcare dental is not accepted by many offices, even when we had referral in hand due to the primary care office we use being unable to perform the required procedures. My wife immigrated from Europe 4 years ago and she has never seen such a fiasco with private insurance and the medical mafia system as what we have forced on us in America today. What we ALL need to do is march PISSED OFF AS WE ARE on Washington DC and DEMAND that our elected representatives establish once and for all a true National Insurance and that IT MUST BE accepted at all providers across our Nation..NO EXCEPTIONS!! I literally just had an office manager refuse an emergency appointment AFTER they agreed to set it and THEN checked with United who refused to cover my wifes' emergency treatment. Mind you..this was a referral from our primary care office. We had no choice in where referred. None..ZERO! I called our primary provider to ask if there was any option they could help us with and the response was "check the yellow pages". This is what we've allowed the lobbyists in D.C. ram down our throats.

I was told my the office manager we could pay cash at the referred office but of course God only knows how high those bills would be!!

When I told them that by refusing a medical emergency that they were referred by my primary they were violating the laws of our State, regardless of coverage or not. She then refused to accept the emergency, cancelled the appointment, and hung up on me. Why in the dickens do we have this problem America? Because we have not fought in force to cut out this evil upon us!

By demanding direct Congressional oversite of the tremendous cost increases in medical and related coverage to small and medium sized business (which we are one, and struggling to keep afloat and had to lay off our only 8 employees and run it ourselves now) and many individuals uncovered or undercovered by job insurance, all of us must demand that ALL private insurance companies are abolished along with the AMA, it being the ONLY reason we are not already covered as citizens by one national system. Check out the deliberate fear mongering *** the AMA cranked out after WW2 when America also was setting up a Nationalized Insurance. This presently broken system can and should be a primary reason for Americans to insist that these vipers are forever abolished from our lives!!! I've been to Europe many times and visited clinics with my Wife in her birth nation and I can VERIFY personally all the *** we endure in America about how a true Nationalized Insurance is or would be "terrible" is just ***!

ThomasJefferson2 wrote the review because of "america should have nationalized insurance, period." at United Healthcare. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $3000 and wants United Healthcare to "congress to enact law to totally abolish private insurance, nationalize 100%, the ama and related. establish national sales tax to support the system".

Author liked the most one rep did try to help me. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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