UHC is the worst company that I have ever dealt with.

Every claim that I submit they reject, even though the claims are quite valid. They always offer a variety of excuses that are not relevant to the situation.

We have been fighting with them for 2 years for a claim that we filed in July 2009.

They are incompetent and their tactics boarder on the illegal. They are just hoping to wear folks down so that they get worn out and stop fighting and forget about their claims. As soon as it is possible, I will withdraw from their insurance and I will write the Director of Benefits of my employer to ask them to switch insurance companies.

Do not enroll in United Health Care.

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I have a claim with them for 1 year now and they keep asking for pre-existing forms to be filled out, my doctor has written them a letter stating that my condition was not pre-existing and has filled out their form only for them to stall, and stall, now they want one from a doctor I have never even met and only reviewed a form. It is absolutly crazy to treat your customers in such a manner.

My opinion it is criminal. Who is the Insurance Commissioner?


Go to the insurance commissioner. They can and will fight with the insurance company. It worked for me.


I work for UHC and you are so right! Some reps have to sit and argue with there supervisors about claims not being paid right.

Sometimes have to go over their head.

What you need to do is tell your employer so they will go to there customer advocate/account manager for the group. Once they start getting a lot of complaints from the group is the only time something will be done.

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