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My wife's liver enzimes were high, so the doctor ran some tests, including Hep B. United Healthcare doesn't cover Hep B test?!?! What the F!*(#

Now we owe $751.

It's a sad state that a company who advertises how they watch out for your health, really doesn't care.

Now I have to extend my simple statement of complaint to 100 words... so here is the bs that needs to be added. Guess I need to add a pissed customer comment about this site requiring 100 words to make sure i've wasted a sufficient amount of your time :-)

Review about: United Healthcare Health Insurance.

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Have you called to find out why the test was denied? Send a letter of Medical Necessity written by your wife's doctor along with an appeal of the denial.

If that doesn't work, file a claim with your state insurance commissioner. I worked for numerous insurance companies and the letter from the Insurance Commissioner or an attorney really gets their attention.

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